Amy Munsterman is a registered psychotherapist based in Wellington. 

Her approach to psychotherapy, counselling and mind health is modern, organic, holistic and down to earth.

Her brief to us was to create a brand which, in a very serious health area, reinforces her approach, also being easy to relate to and professional without being too clinical.

The first thing we established was that because she is the face of the business, her name is crucial for the referrals and word of mouth clients she markets to. It was therefore important to retain Amy’s name in her brand.

We created a logo mark using her initials to form the side profile of a head connecting the eye with the mind. It represents the connection between the client and Amy. The complete circle is solid and secure - representing a place where Amy’s clients want to get to - with their eyes wide open.

As with the logo mark, the logo type is simple, clean and strong. This is balanced by the soft, organic colour palette we have established.