If Flatout Frankie is the kid, Frank Company is the proud parent. We dreamed up Flatout Frankie in 2011, with the mission to make beautifully designed toys our kids and their friends would love creating, playing and getting lost with - transporting them to a world where imagination and creativity is boundless.

The name came about through the nature of the toys being flat packed combined with (most) kids we know being busy and fast - 'flat out'. Had Sarah, the director, had another baby, there's a high chance it would have been called Frankie, and we like alliteration.

The brand needed to be solid with an element of childlike play. By taking the dot of the 'i' and lifting it, we created a juggling ball element which then became a graphic used on packaging and marketing material.

Almost everything was looked after in house - from the branding and product design, marketing and trade show experience to finding and appointing international distributors. After four years we have decided to concentrate on design and while we still design toys for Flatout Frankie the business is now run out of the Netherlands.

It still feels like our baby and the passion for this international brand is still good and strong.